Episode 1. Marie-Pierre

…I had to try to keep this training issue which is central for the children, which is to keep the link together, because in kindergarten we learn to live together, we learn to share, we learn to play, we learn to cooperate, to participate in common projects, and there I was really wondering how I could do that with children who were all alone at home.

Episode 2. Candela

That was good except that when they told us we were going to have containment I was a little happy. I thought we would be able to get up late in the morning, we would be able to stay all day in our pajamas, … but in fact we would get up at the same time. It’s like going to school except we did it at home.

Episode 3. Pauline

During the first confinement with my sister, we took a daily rhythm that was very pleasant. We woke up quietly, we did what we had to do, we ate lunch together. In the evening we watched an episode. We would do weight training on certain days. We had created our life in his studio. It was very, very pleasant.

Episode 4. Macéo

I’m glad we can’t kiss each other anymore, because there are times when I get lazy.

Episode 5. Violeta

It’s true that in the medical field we were quite lost… it was really unexpected, it evolved very quickly, we didn’t have the time to adapt to the new circumstances, and as soon as we had changed, we needed to change again. […] The first confinement was a lot of readjustement work and it continues to be very stressful even though the hospital in Saint Girons has not been overwhelmed as other hospitals in the world did.

Episode 6. Maud

This time is a time of introspection finally for everyone there are some for whom it is less usual… I live alone I am used to solitude. It does not mean a problem but it starts to become… and after a while you realize that you need others!

Episode 7. Mélanie

We didn’t feel free, even though we had freedom in relation to the cities. We had freedom but we didn’t want to take it, we felt narrowed, closed to something we couldn’t distinguish, to put an adjective on it, a word to explain it. We lose the aesthetic. Everything becomes heavy, cumbersome. Everything is shrunken, confined, closed.