Episode 6. Maud

This time is a time of introspection finally for everyone there are some for whom it is less usual... I live alone I am used to solitude. It does not mean a problem but it starts to become... and after a while you realize that you need others!
Living in Ariege since
Trappes, Cognac, Bordeaux, Paris, Bordeaux, the Couserans Librarian, medical secretary, librarian. PJ Harvey, Dominique A, Depeche Mode, Bruce Springsteen.

This conversation was recorded in Maud's house on 2020-12-13 at 14:30:00.

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Excerpts from the conversation

This year I’ve gone from frustration to frustration. Frustration is normally something I can handle, but it’s starting to get a little long. So here is what I missed the most, my friends in fact.

I am very angry because I find that there are total inconsistencies and in November, December it is even more worrying. I see that social misery is going to explode. For students this situation is especially hard. They are the only ones who are not concerned and this is one of those governmental decisions that I find aberrant, that make me very angry and my frustration is there.

[in the library] We tried to communicate with the readers digitally but it is not satisfactory because not everyone has internet.

I have allowed myself to reflect a little more on my job, on what it is to be a librarian in times of pandemic.

The library is a place of socialization and with this pandemic we can not socialize in the library. Afterwards and for now I would like to do even more, to make links, to put in partnership with associations such as Secours Populaire Restos du Cœur. That’s going to be the next step. People have to understand that libraries are a place where they can breathe, we don’t ask them for an identity card, we don’t count how long they stay, they can stay warm, the problem is that they have to come.

My life hasn’t changed that much, I haven’t changed my buying habits because I already buy locally, I buy very little on the internet, if at all.

What helped me and still helps me is this feeling of benevolence that exists within this group of friends, with professionals with whom I could discuss, talk, even virtually and I think we need that and it is something that I would like to transmit in fact.

This time is a time of introspection for everyone. I live alone and I’m used to solitude, it doesn’t pose a problem for me but it starts to become… and after a while you realize that you need others!