Episode 7. Mélanie

We didn't feel free, even though we had freedom in relation to the cities. We had freedom but we didn't want to take it, we felt narrowed, closed to something we couldn't distinguish, to put an adjective on it, a word to explain it. We lose the aesthetic. Everything becomes heavy, cumbersome. Everything is shrunken, confined, closed.
Living in Ariege since

This conversation was recorded in Arguilla on 2020-12-11 at 14:00:00.

This conversation is in freach.

Excerpts from the conversation

Yes, I think that the state takes care of us, we can’t say that it manages the situation as well as it can, but I have the impression that we are still puppets.

It is the loneliness that weighs the most. It is the loneliness, the lack of affection. We feel like we are no longer human beings.

We lacked affection. The thing that was taken away from me the most was not being able to get close to people, not being able to touch their hands, not being able to kiss them. I think that was the first big shock I think. A direct rupture, a breaking rupture. This disease broke the human being.

The thing I missed the most was the affection of the people around you, having to have Paul cremated when it wasn’t his cup of tea and being alone.

My name is Melanie K. I live in Ariège and I am a painter on porcelain and my passion is painting. We feel under a leaden cap somewhere.

Yes, the confinement may have been useful for the animals, but the only ones who must have had something positive were the birds.

We didn’t feel free when we had freedom compared to the cities. We had freedom but we didn’t want to take it, we felt restricted, closed to something that we couldn’t distinguish, to put an adjective on it, a word to explain it.

Now we’re going to be given a vaccine, I don’t even know if I’m going to accept it because we don’t have any perspective, we’re like animals, we’re like sheep, we’re not going to the slaughterhouse, but we’re here, do this, go to the left, go to the right, stop, but what is this? we’re human beings, we think, we reflect.

If I had been at the head of the state, I think I would have abolished the flights, I would have put back the borders. Besides, I have the impression that we have done everything to abolish the borders and that we will do the opposite in a few years