About Confiné.e

How did the inhabitants of Couserans, in Ariège, a rural and mountainous territory, experience the COVID-19 confinement? Did they adapt to the sanitary measures? And how did they do so? What are the response capacities of a small territory to a global pandemic?

“Confiné.e en Couserans” is a series of conversations that offers a wide range of testimonials on the experience of confinement in rural areas. You will meet a school teacher, a retired artist, a pediatrician, a CNRS researcher, a high school student, a college student, a couple in search of autonomy, a librarian and a designer on a Civic Service mission in a rural fablab.

“Confiné.e en Couserans” is a podcast recorded in December 2020 and edited at Lab Place by Alfonso Sánchez Uzábal, Cécile Le Galliard and Carine Obin.

To listen to the podcast you can visit the list of episodes or use the RSS feed with your favorite podcast player.

“Confiné.e en Couserans” is part of the Urban Rights projet carried by Zuloark Collective and funded by the European Cultural Foundation.